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Applied Computing System, Machine Applications (i.e., Electronics FPGA Hardware and Software Systems, Analog and Digital IP Cores, Integrated Circuit Design, IoT, Secure RF, Wired and Wireless Communications Systems, Sensing and MEMS, Ultra-Wide Band, Automation and Production Equipment, Mechatronics & Robotics, Scientific Solutions). Fabrication Services (i.e., PCB, Precision Placement, 3D printing, EDA/CAD Services, IC Chip packaging, Out-source-assembly & Test Services and Supply).

Professional Services

In terms of Hardware and Software Designs, we offer professional integrated circuit design, hardware design, enclosure, parts and box-build assembly, test engineering services

Manufacturing Technology

Machines, Precision Placement and Bill of Materials are essential to every manufacturing, could be from food industries, paper milling, electronics assembly and semiconductor fabrication and foundry our resources and research and development team can work closely with end-user to speed up process, quality and delivery terms

Industry Solutions

We provide various kinds of commodities for various Industry from Education to Scientific Equipments

Embedded Design

We are providing Design and Development services

Integrated CHIP Design

Custom IP Cores, ARM, RISCV, x86, MIPS, powerPC Architectures, SoC, ASIC and FPGA

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Equipment and Parts Placement

Provide various equipment which are critical to many manufacturing processes

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Embedded Design

Applied Firmware, Enclosure and PCB Assembly, Software Systems

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